The Windbox – Dao De Jing Chapter 5

The Windbox – Dao De Jing Chapter 5

Our school interviewed Master Yuan Xiu Gang about complex topics of the Dao De Jing and other Daoist doctrines. Before we show you the video we want to clarify a few things:

  • The philosophical explanation of the Daoist text is pointless without practice. It is a life philosophy and therefore people should live inspired by the Daoist doctrines.
  • The context of the Dao De Jing is always an interpretation, it is easier to follow the practice of your master.
  • There are many versions of the Dao De Jing in Chinese and to clearly speak of it is perhaps not possible. English translations are even further away from the context and this is one of the reasons why the interview is solely in Chinese.

The Interview

We held the interview completely in Chinese and then constructed a translation with our translator who is a native speaker and Coach in our academy and follower of the Daoist doctrines for many years. If one does not understand the historical and philosophical background or does not practice self-cultivation, then even for Chinese native speakers it is not possible to fully comprehend the context.

Therefore we can say that together with the participation of our professional group we can hereby present you the clip with the most accurate possible translation and interpretation from our Daoist Grandmaster Yuan Xiu Gang.

Dao De Jing, chapter 5

天地之間 其猶橐籥乎

“Between heaven and earth, is like the bellow of a wind box.”

虛而不屈 動則愈出

“Empty yet does not collapse, the more it is moved, the more it comes out.”

多言數窮 不如守中

“Speaking too much leads to calamities. Better to just hold the center.”

This concludes the answer to the first question! Read more Dao De Jing Chapters in our forum here!

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