Thomas Living his Dream: Making Green Tea in Wudang

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage
Thomas Living his Dream: Making Green Tea in Wudang

Thomas Morillon came from France and opened his very own green tea farm directly in the ancient Wudang Mountains. His farm is very small compared to the big commercial ones and most of the work he does by himself. He has a passion for producing organic green tea.

His small farm can produce up to 100kg every year, and after November he is always sold out. The harvest is in April, and you have the opportunity to purchase or preorder his tea. It is the first time in Chinese history that a French guy does something like that in Wudang.

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Quality, not Quantity!

Thomas carefully selects his tea by hand and is purely organic. Support him and help preserve this tradition which is nearly dying out because of bigger commercial brands.

You can get his green tea here below:

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