Travel to Wudang Schools in China

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage

When you want to experience the Wudang culture first hand, there is no better way than to travel there by yourself. Our website shall help and guide you through this often confusing process! If you want more information about the Wudang Mountains you should go to our Wudang page first; there you can watch an entire documentary about the Daoist doctrines and culture.

This page is dedicated to the Wudang schools in China, if you have questions about the travel to Wudang and how to prepare, please ask this question in our forum!

Wudang Registration Service

The Wudang schools listened below license our International Wudang Academy to send you there directly. This will save you time and clear up any confusion. Once you are registered for a school we will make sure your study will go smoothly; our Wudang Academy is not responsible for the study in this Wudang schools or for anything that may happen during your study there. We will communicate faster and more directly than the local secretary and make sure you can check in to the school without much hassle. Our prices are the same or slightly lower due to our special international conditions. We hope to promote the local Wudang schools further with our service and provide you with a western-style registration and guidance for your study. Our service does not include plane or train tickets or other travel expenses!

Travel to Wudang Schools: