Returning Dragon Temple

Master Chen Shiyu

Master Chen Shiyu lives in a secluded village at the Returning Dragon Temple. There he founded the Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy. As the Headmaster and chief instructor of this academy, Chen Shiyu strives to spread the Internal Wudang Arts.

The Returning Dragon Village is right in the heart of the Wudang mountains, because of this the place is tranquil and isolated from the rest of the civilization. People who prefer internal studies and the quietness to focus, you may look no further and visit Master Chen Shiyu!

The Wudang academy of Master Chen Shiyu includes all Gong Fu and Tai Chi styles in the San Feng Pai lineage and is highly regarded as a traditional Wudang school in China! The location of the school itself makes it easy to go sightseeing in the Wudang mountain region; you may visit many temples and shrines nearby. There is no need to supply yourself with provisions; Master Chen Shiyu can provide you necessities you would normally only find in the supermarket at the Wudang entry gate, which is forty-five minutes mountain hiking away. At the Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy you can focus on your study without interference. Another unique feature of this school is that Master Chen Shiyu is highly proficient in Daoist music (Xiao and Guqin) and calligraphy.