Huilongguan Chen Shiyu

There is a large variety of rooms and their comfort levels; there are also more traditional rooms with less comfort available. In most rooms is cold water and the more expensive rooms feature hot water and air conditioning. For the small size of the school, there are many rooms, but the personnel and the coaches also take up plenty of space. If you require a room with special features, please plan at least a few months. Rooms during summer are reserved fast, and during winter there are much more rooms available.

Huilongguan Chen Shiyu

Through the early summer and early autumn season, you should bring a mosquito net to help you sleep better. You are in the middle of nowhere, and moths, flies, mosquitos and small lizards may visit you during your sleep, with a mosquito net you can sleep quietly. The mosquito nets which hang directly over the bed are easy to install in this rooms.

There is an internet connection available, but the wifi will not reach to most of the rooms, a direct cable connection is available at the office. Popular websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube and more are blocked in China. The use of a VPN is officially prohibited in China, using a VPN may put you at risk. We recommend the use of a virtual machine to unblock all websites. If you require good internet, you should bring a fast external antenna specialized for an extended range. Mobile internet is available in the town but is quite expensive and shows only a slight improvement regarding speed.

The Freedom in the Middle of Nature

In winter you will require heating, the more expensive rooms will have a heater included. However, you are allowed to buy a heater in town and use it in your room. In China it is not common to have a heater during winter, the Chinese people prefer to sit on the couch with their jackets. A popular choice for the cold season is heating blankets, they are considerably cheap, but only the middle priced or more expensive ones will last through the whole season.