Wudang Master Chen Shiyu

Master Chen Shiyu

Wudang Master Chen Shiyu

Master Chen Shiyu is the founder and chief instructor in the Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy.  He is a master of the 15th generation Wudang San Feng lineage. His direct master is grandmaster Zhong Yun Long who is a successor of the 14th generation San Feng lineage. Master Chen Shiyu was chosen as a successor of the San Feng lineage because of his hardworking character and proficient skills which he acquired during his education. He soon became a protegee of the grandmaster and was given a chance to become an instructor in the internal Wudang arts.

Master Chen Shiyu inherited the Daoist health preservation, Taiji, Eight Immortal doctrines, Ba Gua theory, Xuang Gong principles, the method of Xing Yi and many other internal styles.

In the year 1998 Master Chen Shiyu became a martial arts instructor for the first time! During this time he also entered the Wudang Kung Fu Troupe which is a team selectively chosen by the grandmaster to perform the inherited skills of the San Feng lineage. Master Chen Shiyu won many championships starting in the year 2000 till 2012; he is mostly known for his Taiji, staff and sword forms which always won the first price in China. Master Chen Shiyu is often used as a reference for popular Wudang movies and documentaries by the Chinese Nationwide television.


Master Chen Shiyu has a very carefree character, after his idea, the best way to keep the order is by the natural way. He does what he feels is best and will give you very honest but also very diplomatic answers. His interest in foreign culture sometimes may give you the wrong impression it is not low but limited since he always strives to improve his knowledge in the Chinese culture. He has not much time to look at other things, they may be unknown to him, but a good surprise, however, will make him smile and enjoy the moment. What he does not know does not make him curious. He is very eager to study when it comes to the Dao De Jing or other Daoist texts as well as Daoist music and calligraphy. He likes heavy red wine and authentic Neapolitan pizza (yes he had the real stuff).

His Way of Teaching

When Master Chen Shiyu is teaching, he tends to give his students a lot of freedom to choose their own pace; this can be good for very disciplined students but also a little too easy going for mentally unprepared students. However, he does check each student individually, and if the student shows great determination to learn, then he will instruct this student personally. His drive to teach everybody the Wudang doctrines and spread it around the world is very big. He does not clearly say to foreigners that San Feng should be like a family, this is the moment where Master Chen Shiyu is sometimes disappointed, let me explain: When you are instructed by a San Feng lineage holder than it is a great honor for the student, meaning once your connection to the master is decided you should help him and vice versa, since the word Shifu is similar to a father who is part of the family. By accepting Master Chen Shiyus kindness, you should try to do your part in the family. Keep the traditional way of martial arts in mind; it is the same as you see in most old Kung Fu movies, the students are helping the Shifu.

Wudang Master Chen Shiyu