Master Chen Shiyu in Vienna

Study Content

Master Chen Shiyu teaching

The Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy features all doctrines of the San Feng lineage. You may choose specific topics or learn everything in a five-year master program. The study in this academy is very traditional, it is required that you are able to study yourself to improve and develop further. Prepare yourself for many repetitions and many difficulties on a physical and mental level.

The study content is suitable for all ages since the difficulty can be varied in its intensity. Previous knowledge in our Wudang Academy is very helpful and will make many things easier to understand. You could also learn Chinese to better understand the context of each exercise. Master Chen Shiyu speaks simple English and will highly respect you for trying to learn Chinese culture and language. Usually, a translator is always available in the school.

Basic Skills
1.36 kicking skills
2.Basic hand and foot skills
3.Basic fist

1.Wudang Hard Qigong (also Tietong Gong)
2.Wudang Tongzi Gong
3.Wudang Daoyin Qigong
4.Wudang 5 animals Qigong

Quan ( Fist Forms )
1.Tai Ji 13 forms
2.Tai Ji 28 forms
4.Tai Ji 108 forms
5.Tai Yi Five element Fist
6.Tai He Fist
7.Ba Ji Fist
8.Xuan Gong Fist
9.Xuan Zhen Fist
10.Fu Hu Fist
11.Long Hua Fist
12.Xuan Wu Fist
13.Xing Yi Fist
14.Twelve Forms
15.Ba Gua Zhang

1.Taiji sword
2.Taiyi Xuanmen sword
3.Baxian sword
4.Longhua sword
5.Baxian cudgel
6.Ziwu spear
7.Xuangong Dao (broadsword)
8.Chunqiu Dao
9.Fangbian chan
10.Fuchen (Taoist horsetail whip)
11.Taiyi Fuchen

Health-keeping Qigong
1.Crane-shaped Standing
2.Taiji Hunyuan Standing
3.Standing Baduan Jin
4.Wudang Tongzi Gong
5.Taiji Stepping
6.Xiaoyao Stepping

Traditional Gong
1.Tie Sha Gong (practice with herbal medicine)
2.Tie Bi Gong (practice with herbal medicine)
3.Finger Gong

Optional Extra Content

Daoist Music Instruments

Traditional Daoist Music Study

The Xiao is a Chinese flute which is generally made of high-density bamboo. It is an ancient instrument which is easily thousands of years old. More information about the Xiao cant is found on Wikipedia.

Master Chen Shiyu is an expert in the Xiao and willing to teach foreigners to preserve this tradition.

The second instrument that can be learning in this school is the Guqin. The Guqin also is an ancient instrument and has a steep learning curve. Read on Wikipedia more about the Guqin.

Preserving Chinese culture is an important aspect of this academy, and with good virtue, one can play good music.

Traditional Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is an old practice; it can inspire and calm down, expressing your emotion and intention with each stroke. Master Chen Shiyu devotes a good amount of his private time to develop his calligraphy; his doors are open if you are willing to learn.

Make sure to learn the basics of Chinese symbols before studying to make your progress more efficient and faster! Also try to fit yourself in his shoes: How does one learn the art of calligraphy if one can not even write correctly?

However, you should not be afraid, Master Chen Shiyu is very open-minded and will try to teach you everything he knows. His school is one of the most open-minded and most friendly available in the Wudang mountains. Never miss the opportunity to ask for his advice.