Warning of Fraudulent “Masters”

The education of the Sanfengpai lineage is strictly regulated in the Wudang Academy. Our educational material is public and easy to find but does not convey the true values ​​for real-world teaching scenarios. The educational program for a teaching license in our academy is between one to three years.

Many individuals join a seminar for a weekend and start teaching our content; it should be obvious that this does not replace the traditional education program. The responsibility is great when working with other people. Our academy is taking this job seriously. We do not advise learning from unofficial individuals as it might harm your health. To get a legitimate teaching license in China or our Wudang Academy, you need to study for years.

Every teaching license in the Wudang Academy is accessible in our database; all you need to check is the included QR-CODE or VERI-ID printed in the right corner of each teaching certificate. This way, you can quickly verify if the teacher is qualified. Input the code below: