Welcoming the first 17th Gen. Disciples of Wudang from Czech Republic

Welcoming the first 17th Gen. Disciples of Wudang from  Czech Republic

In the Daoist traditions once every 5 or 12 years a Shifu chooses disciples who will lead the next generation of the lineage.

My name is Michael Weichhardt also known as Master Ziji and as I have heard my Gong Fu brother Otakar decided to hold his first disciple ceremony in the Czech Republic. I hurried over. It is the first disciple ceremony in the Czech Republic ever held.

I came from Vienna to meet Otakar and assist him in his ceremony.

If you want to be a disciple of our lineage, you must be responsible for your own progress. The Master himself chooses the students who have potential and identify with our traditions.

One day before the ceremony, the chosen students are getting prepared. The inclusion in the line is a life decision.

Otakar decided to hold the ceremony in his own language in Czech. Therefore everything had to be translated with great care beforehand.

A disciple has to be strong and work towards his own benefit to show people as a good example of how it should be done. A strong connection can only be stable if each individual works towards the common goal of enjoying life through the self-improvement of our Daoist principles.

The individual is important to provide inspiration for others. Becoming a disciple of Sanfengpai is a life decision and the beginning of a life mission. My own way of self-improvement, how I can positively influence my environment, is a question that every student has to answer for themselves. Each disciple must find his answers to start over.

Instead of looking outside, each student has to look inward and respond to his conflicts and problems that may occur during his life. If you can see yourself as a spectator, we can find inspiration in our potential.

We honor our ancestors and all before us. Our mission is to set new goals and find our own way. This is proof that the traditions are indeed alive and can spread throughout the country. The Wudang Sanfengpai will go further and evolve, and it is interesting to see what answers are yet to come.

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