What Happened in the Seminar at Wahnam Frankfurt?

What Happened in the Seminar at Wahnam Frankfurt?

Together with my student Philipp, we were invited to hold a seminar at the Wahnam Headquarters in Frankfurt. Everybody was very friendly and fully concentrated on the content which we tried to squeeze into eight hours over two days. The main goal was to introduce internal Wudang study and to comprehensively understand its principles.

Wahnam Kai Uwe Frankfurt

The First Day

Like my Shifu Yuan Xiu Gang always taught me that the hard part must come first. We introduced Jibengong practice with its basic postures. Being flexible is a very important part for our Wudang school and we gave some hints and methods to improve ones hip flexibility and all other things which are required for a good foundation of Wudang martial arts.

Some highlights of the first day:

The Second Day

After a nice breakfast, we started our Qi Gong practice at nine in the morning. I requested that we do this Qi Gong session outside. Afterward, we went back to the school and started Tai Ji basic steps and Cloud Hands.

Some highlights of the second day:


For our academy, it was a big step to bring the Wudang internal arts to so many people who are eager to learn and find the truth within the principles. The continuing practice shall guide everybody on the way, never stop and never give up!


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