What Does Taoism Focus On?

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage
What Does Taoism Focus On?

The Dao is centered within us and centers us within the universe. Showing us our place from our origin and the established connection from long ago is proof of our legacy. We must respect ourselves and the tradition. There are not many moments in life that feel precious; it is the rarity of those moments that will give us goosebumps. All that is common and widely known and experienced, one must relearn to appreciate those moments again. That is the real focus of Taiji, the harmony between Yin and Yang – that centers us and reestablishes our understanding of the Dao.

In reality, there are a few drops in the rain which can be perceived. They are enough to ground our soul. When interacting with the endlessly hard and the infinitely soft, we are greatly inspired by the elements. When you are ready to give, you must be prepared to observe under the veil which hides the true intentions of the people. The hidden nature within which clouds the way of the Dao, light the path and be inspired to change.

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