Master Chen Shiyu Wudang

Why is Wudang martial arts mistakenly perceived as non-fighting?

The martial art of the Wudang Mountains is a tradition for all age groups and should accompany the young on their way and support the old in their life.

Even so, many people often think that the system should be changed.

Protect and preserve

Martial arts were developed to defeat enemies while protecting yourself and making the body so strong that other influences cannot harm it. There are different types of attack: bandits, swordsmen, accidents, disease, poisoning, infection, emotional crisis. Being in combat mode means being prepared for all things. That is why our school offers a comprehensive system to strengthen yourself. Now it may become clear why it is not wise to isolate individual elements from this system just because someone thinks the combat aspect is not important.

Physical fight and psychological fight

Every physical barrier is often an embodiment of a psychological problem, mostly fear or trauma. If you want to cultivate the mind, you must also be physically ready. The interaction between body and mind is an essential part. If you don’t want to fight, you first have to understand what fighting is. The struggle is only a problem if we see it as one. Resistance is an important element that can contribute to personal development.

All Sanfengpai students fight daily:

Tai Chi and Healing Arts

Tai Chi is just the embodiment of fighting with all elements of the internal martial art. It seems stupid to want to learn Tai Chi if you don’t understand how to fight. At least one should be interested in fighting if one is to make progress in health with Tai Chi. Practical healing arts are always associated with conflict and this is one of the reasons people experience deep emotional conflicts. Esoteric approaches teach you that everything can be in harmony. But how can this be possible when someone is unwilling to accept everything?

I hope this post has shown you the integral part of fighting in our lifestyle. One should not pick cherries when everything has been considered for its purpose.

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