Wu Xing Doctrine – Strengthening with Five Animals Qi Gong

Five Organs – Internal Alchemy

The Daoist teachings of our Sanfeng lineage have extensive knowledge of the body’s main functions and their effects. In Classical Chinese Medicine, this knowledge has been passed on for centuries. Through Qi Gong, the organ functions are strengthened and promoted, leading to a healthy mental and physical self.

Standing in Stillness to Become Soft

Everything hard becomes soft at some point. After that, the body will become soft again because strength always consumes energy, combined with the right posture and the right breathing. This leads to better self-confidence and understanding of relaxation and reduces stress.

Relating with the Meridian System

The exercises specialize in stimulating the energy meridians. Ancient Chinese teaching that mainly the Daoists were concerned with. The focus is on the correct and optimized flow of energy, so the joints are intensively stretched in the resting position to improve the flow of energy.The Wudang Academy imparts traditional unchanged knowledge about the Wu Xing Qi Gong practice. In the following five episodes, you will see complete instructions for the Wu Xing Qi Gong movement set and detailed instructions for the practical application of each movement. Studying these movements from a technical point of view is very important to understand the principles. In general, Qi Gong exercises are only effective if you understand what you are doing with them; otherwise, Qi Gong can also be counterproductive. The Wu Xing Qi Gong teaching applications are very effective and targeted, which of course, leads to rapid progress. The method is also recommended as a rehabilitation method.When practicing Qi Gong make sure that you adjust the difficulty accordingly. Stances can be lower or more accurate as well as flexibility can be improved to achieve better positions. You can check out our flexibility training course for effective stretching methods for your Qi Gong practice.

The Daily Routine

The targeted practice of the individual, difficult movements is preferable. However, some difficult-to-manage sections also indicate the lack of vital muscles, which exercise is slowly building. Therefore it is not necessary to always train the full routine, but simply the exercises that you need at the moment.

15 Minutes of Your Time

Fifteen minutes is usually enough to repeat important movements for yourself and improve your well-being physically and mentally. Once a week, you should still take your full time and go through all movements once to rule out uneven training.

Preserving the Traditional Qi Gong Practice!

Our Wudang Academy tries to allow everyone to practice effective Qi Gong. Instead of wanting to sell something, our academy wants the sustainable cultivation of the inner arts. Would you mind sharing your experiences in our forum and giving others tips on what has helped you improve your Qi Gong practice? An active community and working together on Qi Gong is important, as most schools copy the movements without knowing the principles; these are empty movements of inferior quality. We hope that you will use our courses and notice the difference to other schools. Let the world know of Wudang Academy and help us to revive practical Daoist knowledge.


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