Wudang Academy Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here, Master Ziji gives regular classes on all aspects of internal Wudang Martial Arts. In summer, classes are often held outdoors. The Wudang Academy Wiener Innenausbildungsstätte measures approx. 100m², the hardwood floor is sturdy for heavy Gong Fu trainings and the windows are soundproof to provide a quiet atmosphere for internal exercises.


Wudang Academy Vienna offers the complete content of Wudang San Feng Pai, there are training opportunities for upcoming coaches and masters. The teaching method is rigorous and accurate to develop the highest level of Wudang practitioners.



  • Regular membership for all classes: 85 Euros per month
  • Student membership under 25: 65 Euro per month
  • Easy Qi Gong class: 40 Euro per month
  • Health & Inner Balance Class: 50 Euro per month
  • Children’s training course for 5-12 years: 50 euros per month Training
  • Programs & Private Lessons: Contact Us Below!


We can provide foreign students with various accommodation for short and long-term studies. Contact Master Ziji below for more details!