Wudang Ji Ben Quan Tutorial Front and Back

Wudang Dragongate Kungfu Training Tour

Wudang Dragongate Training Tour 武当道家游学体验

At the peak time of the hottest wudang summer since 70 years, it was our idea to ask Master Wang for a training tour trip to Mt. Wudang and to our mountain retreat, that is laojuntang the “laozi hall temple”. We wanted to see the retreat place and enjoy its calmness and beauty, as well as use the opportunity for training. Laozi hall is not in good shape these days and still waits for major investment of the government. As former owner the place means a lot to Master Wang and we still use it as a regular retreat.
After cleaning up we had plenty of time to explore it surroundings and went to have lunch at farm restaurant with traditional herbal wild vegetables. The video shows for many the first steps in taiji taichi, bagua and kungfu of the wudang daoist arts. The way to mastership is a life long. At the end we had a very complete day with training, exploring, fun, joy, delicacies, community but lots of sweat too.

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