Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 5 – Follow the Order of Nature

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage

In part 5 we see how Daoists prepare their meals in the Wudang Mountains. The seasonal influence of Daoist food is explained. Growing their own food is part of Daoist life, cultivating healthy vegetables while developing one’s self. The power of the change of seasons is of high importance in daily Daoist life. The cultural Daoist treasure “Immortal Jelly” is introduced. Daoists learn to enjoy nature and let the body spread freely to let its meridians flow freely like fish in the water. The culture of Daoist liquor processing is introduced and its healing essences. Living under the seasonal change to bring balance to mind and body to keep illness and evil spirits away is the lifelong mission for the Daoists on the Wudang Mountains.

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