Wudang, Home of Taiji – Part 6 – Mind, Void and Dao

Wudang Academy - Traditional Sanfeng Cultural Heritage

The Chief Coach (our Grandmaster) Zhong Yunlong is introduced. He is the Headmaster of the Wudang Gong Fu academies. In this episode, he explains the deeper connection between the Dao, self-cultivation and internal Taijiquan. We see how Zhong Yunlong selects his students and parts of their practice routine. His successors Xiangwen Chen (Chen Shiyu) and Yuan Xiugang are shown in some of the scenes. How to live with Wudang Gong Fu and its influence on the mind and emotion is further explained. Near the end, we see Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong practicing on the Golden Top – the highest point in the Wudang Mountains.

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