Wudang Kung Fu

Wudang Kung Fu

sharing some fun footage i took in wudang mountain during summer 2011

song: “My name is Lincoln” from the movie The Island

Hey everybody!
Thanks a lot for all the views and comments!
The training in this video is typical Sanfeng Sect training in Wudang. simple external kung fu + some taiji forms. There is a huge focus on forms in most if not all Sanfeng sect schools. It’s very physical.

If you are interested in internal kung fu, my advice would be go to Xuanwu and Longmen Sects.
Just to cite a few great schools: Ismet Himmet’s WDP school. and also, the Dragongate Kungfu school (master Wang).
I learned Baguazhang in Tian Liyang’s school, he’s a great teacher and very skilled as well.

Personnally I wouldn’t recommend the so-called “Health preservation classes”, especially in the Sanfeng sect. it’s too touristic in my humble opinion.

Feel free to contact me for any infos!



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