Wudang Master Of Dragongate Kungfu 武当龙门派传人

Wudang Master Of Dragongate Kungfu 武当龙门派传人

This video shows Master Wang Xing Qing, 25th generation inheritor of the dragongate lineage of wudang, as well as the 23rd generation of pure yang lineage and the 13th generation of songxi lineage. He is the headmaster of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School at mount wudang.

Master Wang is one of the very few masters who were actually born in Wudang. Many masters of the old generation have teached him along his way and formed a master representing true wudang martial arts. He is a kind both traditional and cosmopolitan master, who impresses through his inner calmness and patience during the training. Moreover his encyclopaedic knowledge about Dao, Daoism and Wudang Culture as well as his staggering abilities in traditional fighting skills are the most convincing arguments for his authenticity.

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Master Wang teaches the arts of wudang daoism in his two schools, one at the bottom of the mountain and another one halfway up to the top at the laozi hall.

Website: http://www.wudang-dragongate.com
Email: dragongatekungfu@gmail.com

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