Wudang Mountains Cradle of Taoism Part 1

The Wudang Mountains are, in fact, a relatively small range in the corner of Hubei province. Their worldwide fame rests on their association with Taoism and Kong Fu. It all began over two thousand years ago, with a meeting between a man named Yin Xi, commander of the Hangu Pass garrison, and the philosopher Lao Tzu. Yin Xi urged Lao Tzu to set his thoughts down in writing. The resultant book was the Tao Te Ching, which would later be viewed as the philosophical basis of Taoism. As for Yin Xi, he was so inspired by the Tao Te Ching that he turned his back on his former life, and set off in search of somewhere to practice Lao Tzu’s philosophy. The place he eventually chose was the Wudang Mountains.

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