Wudang Style Tai-chi with Taoist Master Li

Wudang Style Tai-chi with Taoist Master Li
Wudang Style Tai-chi with Taoist Master Li
Event Time
Sunday, January 3 – Saturday, January 9
All Day

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李合春 道长 Tai Chi Retreat with Taoist Master Li: The abbot of Phoenix Temple, Chengdu in China

Week 2: Wudang Style Taichi 
Sunday, January 3, 2016 – Saturday, January 9, 2016

This form originated at the Taoist temples. Hence it is not a modern style, rather, it is regarded as a sacred practice. Wudang Tai Chi is also a healing form which involves a cultivation of the Tao. The Tai Chi “feeling” generated is different; with this form, particular Chi- or, energy channels of the “body-mind” are being charged that are distinct from those meridians that are typically activated by other Tai Chi styles.

Li Hechun

1-week Tuition Fee is 18,000 THB (Approx. US $529) this price not include accommodation & food.
For Tao Garden accommodation, please contact e-mail: retreatreservation@tao-garden.com

Morning Chi Practices: Master Li will be teaching chi practices which serve as a proper warm-up for the Tai-chi practice.

Private sessions: Simple Taoist Chi Practices, Tai Chi 48 form, Basic Taoist Morning Practice, various styles of Tai Chi, Taoist Sword, Taoist Standing- or Walking Meditation, Tea Ceremony, and Calligraphy – the Taoist art of chi in writing. These practices calm the heart, relax the body, harmonize body and mind, balance the five forces, open the chi channels, and harmonize body and spirit.

1 hr 4,000 THB (US $118) per person
2 hrs 6,800 THB (US $200) per person
3 hrs 9,600 THB (US $282) per person

DVDs by Master Li are available at the Bookstore.
To sign up for classes or book private sessions, please contact The Reception at Tao Garden.
Email: retreatreservation@tao-garden.com