Wudang Ji Ben Quan Tutorial Front and Back

Nikolaus Klinger (www.innersecrets.at) visiting NanYan temple and Tianyi zhenqing Palace. It was built by a famous Taoist Zhang Shouqing at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty and was finished 27 years later. Zhang went to Wudang Mountain at the age of 30 and led his thousands of disciples to reclaim wasteland, plant the land and cut the cliff and then left this marvelous spectacle for the later generations.

This is a must if you are in nanyan wudang, I believe that this is one of the top spots of wudang, but also one of the main tourist attractions besides purple heaven palace, golden top, and prince slope.
While in nanyan don’t forget top walk through the great hall of nanyan temple in order to reach the tianyi zhenqing palace, and the flying cliff on the other side.

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