Wudang Travel 2017 – 1st Day – Arrival

Wudang Travel 2017 - 1st Day - Arrival

The Beginning

We started our journey at Vienna airport, from there we were flying to Dubai and had to wait 4 hours to get our next flight to Beijing. Both flights were tiring due to the lack of sleep but the time went over really fast.

As we arrived at 11 pm in Beijing, we slept 3 hours in the Three Legged Frog Hostel, from there we transferred to the next train straight to Wudangshan. As all were tired, we finally got some sleep on the train which took 22 hours to arrive at Wudangshan.

After a traditional Chinese breakfast in town, we went up the mountains over a secret passage which allowed us to bypass the entry fee through the Wudang gate. From there we finally arrived in Huilongguan, and Chen Shiyu welcomed us with a tea ceremony.

Here some pictures from today: