Wudang Travel 2017 – Follow Us on Journi!

Wudang Travel 2017 – Follow Us on Journi!

Tomorrow we start our journey to Wudangshan, and we decided to start a Journi blog.

For all who don’t know what Journi is: Journi is your travel journal and blog. It’s the easiest way to capture, share and relive your travel adventures. Discover other amazing Journis and get inspiration for your next trip. It works offline and is completely free.

Journi is the fastest way for us to document our travel without much hassle. Just click the follow button below and get the newest updates!


More about our journey soon under the tag #wudang travel group 2017

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  1. Thank you for allowing us to follow your trip, stay and performances !!! All the best to your group. Enjoy : Shi fu Said “Relax” (not for long )…

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