Wudang Travel: What Do You Need In Your Bag?

Wudang Travel: What Do You Need In Your Bag?

Hello everyone! There are many questions about what is needed for your travel to Wudangshan. Since we are going soon on the 2nd of May I hereby show you some products which really make your life easier in Wudang:


We need a raincoat which is comfortable for summer climates. So it should not be too warm and should not prevent air circulation. Breathable raincoats are favored and most comfortable in a continental subtropical climate zone.

Important characteristics:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Good for Summer

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Camping light

In the Wudang school or generally on the country site a lamp or flashlight is preferred for walking around in the late evening or in the night. It should be reliable and rechargeable since batteries are only found in a supermarket which is several kilometers away. A camping light is usually better than a normal flashlight since it is built to last longer and creates a softer light which is more comfortable for going to the toilet or general tasks while you travel. Also, several mounting options are preferred to make life easier.

Important characteristics:

  • Small size
  • Rechargeable battery inside
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Mounting options like hooks or magnets
  • Diffused camping light

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Mosquito net

Mosquitos and a lot of different insects will prevent you from sleeping peacefully. Also, they may contract different kinds of diseases so its better to be protected!

Important characteristics:

  • One central hanging mount
  • Fine microstructure for small insects
  • Compact

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China Sim Card

If you need to be connected everywhere without horrendous costs, then you will need a specific sim card for China. Depending on your travel you may choose a fitting offer, most of them are for a specific set amount of time. Attention: To access Gmail, Facebook or most other western websites you will need to use a VPN!

Important characteristics:

  • Explicit for mainland China
  • Your preferred contract duration
  • Best data limit for a reasonable price

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Portable ventilator

Especially if you plan to travel by train or stay in a room without air conditioning, it is recommended to have a portable ventilator during summertime. Elder people or others with weaker hearts really may want to consider to get one of these! We recommend getting a small USB fan – since most camping light has a USB slot available or in the other case can be used with a USB adapter to be powered from your smartphone.

Important characteristics:

  • USB connection
  • Compatible with camping light or smartphone
  • Very small package size

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Water Filter

We recommend a water filter if you do not have the option to buy water bottles every time. The locals simply cook the water before drinking, but most westerners need time to adapt so if your stay is very short or if you have a weak stomach you may want to consider a proper water filter, otherwise you will have stomach problems. We recommend the brand Lifestraw since we use the universal Lifestraw filter for our travels quite often.

Important characteristics:

  • Kills all bacteria and parasites
  • Small and portable
  • Multifunctional for universal use
  • Not limited to one bottle

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These were the most important things I remember from last travel! The rest is entirely optional, but you should really consider if you plan to travel without the equipment listed above!

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