Wudang Treasure – Master Zheng Shi Jie

Master Zheng Shi Jie

Master Zheng Shi JieBorn in 1933 Master Zheng has been practicing Wudang Internal Kung Fu for more than 50 years. Even though he is nearly 90 years old he can still play heavy weapons, stand on two fingers, stand on his head.During his childhood, he followed his father to forge heavy weapons while studying martial arts. Qigong and inner alchemy are master Zheng’s strong points.

Master Zheng has also made remarkable achievement in Daoist medicine, Wudang Daoist health preserving Wudang Internal Martial Arts, history of Wudang, approaches to longevity. In one word, Master Zheng is the treasure house of Wudang Culture as well as a living history of Wudang. Now he is the leader of the performance in the Carefree Valley where all tourists can appreciate Wudang martial arts. He is the chief master of Wudang Daoyuan Internal Kung Fu Academy.

Source: wudangschool.com

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