Wudang Xuan Wu Quan – Liang Yi Quan

Wudang Xuan Wu Quan – Liang Yi Quan

Xuan Wu Quan is also known as Liang Yi Quan in Taoist language. It is the simplest form that has a distinct Wudang feeling, but the form is one of the more advanced contents and requires years of training.

Liang Yi Quan means we work with two forces – yin and yang. The differentiation of yin and yang allows control and the wave-like generation of Fajin, the explosive power, is a prominent feature of Liang Yi practice.

This practice is one of the most traditional training methods of Taoist Wudang teachings. It is the connection between the understanding of health, body control and martial arts and unlocks the true potential of one’s own energy to the practitioner.

Wudang tradition

Master Ziji has learned this doctrine according to the old school and as usual in the Taoist tradition, this has been passed on verbally and personally from master to master student.

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