Yin-yang hand position question for 5 Animal Qigong



  Is there any distinction or reason (or perhaps just a typo on their part) that the article below from another academy perporting to represent Master Yuan Xiu Gang advises using the middle finger, instead of the ring finger, between qigong sets for wu xing? The pericardium and san jiao are, of course, both unique as far as meridians go from a TCM perspective. Do the two ways have different purposes? Just curious.

” The yin yang hand position is done by interlocking the two hands together. With the left hand, touch the tip of the middle finger to the outside knuckle of the ring finger on the right hand. With the tip of the left thumb, touch the inside knuckle of the ring finger on the right hand. Finally, interlock the two hands by touching the tips of the middle finger and thumb of the right hand. The hands should resemble two rings linked together.” (emphasis added)

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