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Ancient Literature Bamboo Scrolls


Fully functional bamboo scrolls like in ancient times!

Beautiful pictures accompany the content!



Ancient Chinese Literature Bamboo Scrolls

The wisdom of our ancestors is the success and the very foundation that graved our future as it is today. Show respect by displaying this traditionally written bamboo scrolls in your residence or use them as a reminder of the ancient wisdom. Study with intellect and experience in life to achieve the wisdom of a sage. Become a scholar of the ancient texts and help out people in need as a true gentleman. There is nothing but respect for the legends written on these bamboo scrolls.

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Moral Classics (Excerpt) 23x99cm, Three Character Classics (Full Text) 23x76cm, Thirty Six Plan (Full Text) 23x99cm, Sun Tzu's Art of War (Excerpt) 23x99cm, Analects (Excerpt) 23x99cm, The Great Compassion 22,5x72cm, Heart Sutra 22,5x56cm, Disciplinary Regulations (Full Text) 23x72cm, Lan Ting Xu 23x84cm, One Hundred Surenames 24x64cm, University 23x128cm, Tea Sutra (Excerpt) 23x100cm, Diamond Sutra (Excerpt) 23x98cm, Zhu Family Training, Yi Jing (Excerpt) 23x100cm, Tang Poetry Collection, Jinling Twelve Ape 23x102cm, University Moderation, Former Appearance, Sun Zi Art of War (Full Text) 23x128cm, Moral Classics (Full Text) 23x137cm, Selected Song 23x90cm, Thousand Characters, Wooden Try or Magnifying Glass

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