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Authentic Custom Wudang Uniform


Custom tailored uniform!

Many different materials & colors!

Many different designs!

Superior quality for life!


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There is nothing more comfortable than a custom-tailored Wudang uniform. Traditional cut to achieve long-lasting comfort and carefully tailored to perfection.

Introduction of our master tailor:

My name is Lou He Hua. I am a Master Tailor and have my Clothing Shop in the Wudang Market Mainstreet since 16 years! My tailoring is first class and unmatched in quality and durability. I received many awards and my shop is well known in Wudang.

I opened my Shop in Wudang because i like Taoists. Tailoring is my way of life and i use everyday to polish my tailoring skills. I like to tailor for living. And i respect the traditional way of chinese tailoring. There are many other tailors in Wudang which learned only the basic tailoring or even the worst industry way of tailoring a chinese uniform. The difference in the traditional way is the quality of tailoring.

Every part of clothing has its problem parts. Some areas might last shorter than others. If considered correctly the clothing overall will last very long without breaking. As a tailor it is important to understand this.I know many stitching and sewing techniques and use them for the correct situation to get the best quality and use from every part of clothing. The traditional way of tailoring is not easy.

From the looks the clothing might look the same like others. But turn the clothing inside-out you will see the difference in tailoring. My tailoring is very clear and visible. Where others choose the easy way, i prefer the most durable one.

Besides my chinese customers, i have alot of experience with western people. This is important when tailoring clothing for western people. Since there is alot of difference in proportions and sizes when it comes to western people. The most common problems for beginner tailors with western people are: “long or too short pants or sleeves, wrong collar sizes or shirt lengths.”

I mostly use natural material with natural coloring. The fabrics are not heavy chemical colored, this maintains the durability of each fabric. But if you expose our natural fabric to alot of sunlight the colors might weaken. To our natural fabrics we have: “Hemp, Bamboo, Linen, Cotton, Sheep Wool, Silk” Most of this materials are woven by hand. You can see the difference on each fabric line. The lines are not 100% the same like machine woven. Our natural materials are 100% non allergic, antibacteral and skin friendly. Doesnt smell and will not shrink when washed.

This is my contact information. Feel free to come to my shop in Wudang or order here online.

Support Wudang culture by buying Lou He Hua’s uniforms!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Daoist Uniform, Tai Chi Uniform, V-Neck Tai Chi Uniform

Color & Material

1#Cotton/Linen [Azure-Blue], 2#Cotton/Linen [Orange], 3#Cotton/Linen [Red], 4#Cotton/Linen [White], 5#Cotton/Linen [Grass-Green], 6#Cotton/Linen [Light-Pink], 7#Cotton/Linen [Forest-Green], 8#Cotton/Linen [Maroon], 9#Cotton/Linen [Pink], 10#Cotton/Linen [Mustard], 11#Cotton/Linen [Royal-Blue], 12#Cotton/Linen [Off-Yellow], 13#Cotton/Linen [Burgundy], 14#Cotton/Linen [Bamboo-Green], 15#Cotton/Linen [Old-Rose], 16#Cotton/Linen [Candy-Pink], 17#Cotton/Linen [Mint-Green], 18#Cotton/Linen [Sky-Blue], 19#Cotton/Linen [Light-Purple], 20#Cotton/Linen [Wine-Red], 21#Cotton/Linen [Beige], 22#Cotton/Linen [Cappuchino], 23#Cotton/Linen [Dark Beige], 24#Cotton/Linen [Light-Grey], 25#Cotton/Linen [Dark-Grey], 26#Cotton/Linen [Army-Green], 27#Cotton/Linen [Mocha], 28#Cotton/Linen [Light-Brown], 29#Cotton/Linen [Navy-Blue], 30#Cotton/Linen [Dark-Brown], 31#Cotton/Linen [Black], 32#Cotton-Linen [Off-White], 33#Cotton/Linen [Dark-Beige], 34#Cotton/Linen [Carrot], 35#Cotton/Linen [Yellow], 36#Cotton/Linen [Olive-Green], 37#Stretchable-Synthetics [White], 38#Stretchable-Synthetics [Black], 39#Stretch-Synthetics [Navy-Blue], 40#Linen [Royal-Blue], 41#Double-Layered [Dark-Green], 42#Thick-Linen [White], 43#Thick-Linen [Navy-Blue], 44#Thick-Linen [Black], 45#Double-Layered [Mustard]

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