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Studying with Master Chen Shiyu

Our organic food is grown by the local farmers in our village! The classes are advanced but also very beginner friendly! Master Chen Shiyu and his coaches will teach everyone personally.

How to travel to Master Chen Shiyu’s school?

  1. You can take the Wudangshan Train Station (武当山火车站) and take the public bus 202 to the end of the line Wudangshan Gate. The school only offers free pick-up service from the foot of the hill.
  2. You can fly to Shiyan airport which is 55 kilometers from Wudangshan, the transport costs to the school can be from 250 RMB and upwards. There are public buses including the line 202 which can take you to Wudangshan!

All visitors to the Wudangshan scenic area will need to pay a fee for the entrance ticket which is around 240 RMB (prices changing constantly). When you study in our school, we can give you a special permit which extends your entrance ticket to the Wudangshan area for three months!


For two months a normal tourist visa should be good enough! But if you plan to study longterm, we can give you an invitation letter which applies you for the X2 visa in China!


All prices include: Three meals a day

Depending on how long you plan to study or how much comfort you need during your stay the prices are as follows:

Single air-conditioned room with a separate bathroom (monthly prices):

  • 1-month room with high comfort: 9800 RMB
  • 1-month room with normal comfort: 9400 RMB
  • 3-months or more with normal comfort: 9000 RMB
  • 6-months or more with normal comfort: 7000 RMB

Single room with public toilet (monthly prices):

  • 1-month traditional room: 7800 RMB
  • 3-months or more: 7000 RMB
  • 6-months or more: 6000 RMB

Double air-conditioned room with separate toilet (monthly prices):

  • 1-month room: 7800 RMB
  • 3-months or more: 7000 RMB
  • 6-months or more: 6000 RMB

Double air-conditioned room with no separate toilet (monthly prices):

  • 1-month room: 6800 RMB
  • 3-months or more: 6000 RMB
  • 6-months or more: 5000 RMB

Collective room for six people with no separate toilet (monthly prices):

  • 1-month room: 5100 RMB
  • 3-months or more: 4700 RMB
  • 6-months or more: 4500 RMB

Traditional Class Room (for traditional long-term students):

  • 1-year traditional room: 46000 RMB
  • 2-years: 43000 RMB
  • 3-years: 40000 RMB

Short term stay (price per day): 380 RMB

Pick up service:

  • From Wudangshan train station: 50 RMB
  • Shiyan city or Shiyan train station: 100 RMB
  • Wudangshan airport: 100 RMB

Register for the study at Master Chen Shiyu’s school!

How it works:

  • Please send us your full name or names (if group) and a copy of your passport/s to:
  • Please contact us at least two or one months in advance to make preparations for your stay!
  • If you plan to come between July and August, please register at least four months in advance, these two months are very busy!
  • The sooner you tell us, the better we can work!
  • Calculate your price from the price list above and send us the money with the current exchange rate in Euros! We chose this currency because this is our headquarter and we can save you transaction fees this way. Master Chen Shiyu will receive all the money instantly since we send it to him electronically through our channels and not with a slow bank transfer (waiting two weeks).
  • We send you a special invitation letter if needed! (especially long-term students).
  • Please tell us your exact time of arrival per email!

Send your Payment!

Once you sent the payment, you will receive a confirmation if your registration was paid in full!

If you have further questions, we are happy to provide you with information! Please mail us at! The payment should usually be full in advance! We will communicate with Master Chen Shiyu to ensure your registration goes smoothly!

Alternatively, you can also send us questions via the contact form below: