We believe it is important to be on the same level of information as young Chinese people in order to truly understand their story. This presentation is a little above average Chinese folk knowledge of their history. This is by no means a complete Chinese history lesson, but we have picked out the things that we think are most interesting for our school in order to understand certain backgrounds. The material for… Read More

The following content in this video is about a very important topic for every student in my school – also including my students who are committed to training online via our platform. First of all, we are trying to structure the difficulties of modern life. Laozi states that we should enjoy things and let them pass like we do not care. We have to understand that nature is about change, and there… Read More

The body and mind are deeply connected. We need many things to work efficiently. Some theories are mostly very fragmented and do not explain the whole universe of these principles.  If one portion of our primary needs is not satisfied, we lack energy or cannot use it efficiently. The Daoist understanding is to reflect on nature and understand what we really need. The natural principles lay the playground for the way of… Read More

As recently discussed in this post, Zhan Zhuang is an important pillar in internal martial arts. But what skills does Zhan Zhuang actually bring to Taiji practitioners? We want to go into that today. Feel and recognize Yin and Yang Through the continuous practice of Zhan Zhuang, we become aware of areas of tension. Like others train for more strength, we train Zhan Zhuang on the way of relaxation. Constant standing means… Read More

Master Yuan Xiu Gang leading a Zhan Zhuang class: What is Zhan Zhuang? Zhan Zhuang is one of the most important pillars in the inner martial art of Wudang. This exercise is a relaxed standing with open arms and shoulders. In Wudang, it is one of the Qi Gong exercises that everyone should do every day. Why do we stand? For beginners, Zhan Zhuang is important to feel the tension in the… Read More

Hello everybody! Because of the coronavirus, our seminars are canceled for the time being, and so are our local classes. But as a Taoist, there come new opportunities with every situation. Today I want to write about a topic that has kept me thinking for a very long time. Basically, when I was in China, I had to get high internet speeds and a reliable rendering computer for all the videos I… Read More

Who is who in Chinese Your direct master or the direct teacher of the school is addressed 師父 (Shī Fù). The grandmaster, the teacher of your teacher, is addressed 師爺 (Shī Yé ) The more senior (not by actual age, but by the time of the study) students of the school, the males are addressed 師兄 (Shī Xiōng), the females are addressed 師姐 (Shī Jiě). The master is one generation above the… Read More

Exercise Taijiquan (Tai Chi), and horseback riding lessons in the mountain environment of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Our Gong Fu brother Otakar is holding a wonderful international Tai Chi event in the Carpathian Mountains – the European Version of the Wudang Mountains. The Carpathians are very similar looking with its round hills and tranquil scenery. Wonderful place – wilderness, mountains, horses, exercise, meditation. We will use the practice of perceiving movement and center… Read More

In the Daoist traditions once every 5 or 12 years a Shifu chooses disciples who will lead the next generation of the lineage. My name is Michael Weichhardt also known as Master Ziji and as I have heard my Gong Fu brother Otakar decided to hold his first disciple ceremony in the Czech Republic. I hurried over. It is the first disciple ceremony in the Czech Republic ever held. I came from… Read More

Our academy celebrated an open house for all, our refurbishment work is still ongoing, but we can clearly see how our efforts towards this beautiful project are evolving. On this day we promoted the Chinese culture with exercises, information, and food. As an official branch of the Sanfengpai many people showed interest in Daoist philosophy and tradition. Daoist Tradition Self-improvement and self-cultivation are the most important aspects of our philosophy. It is… Read More

We had a great experience at Shaolin Wahnam Frankfurt. The first day consisted of the basics of understanding the internal arts principles as well as learning the complete Xuan Gong Quan Yi Lu form. During the second day, we did Wu Xing Qi Gong and Tai Ji Cloud Hands.

Master Ziji visits Shaolin Wahnam to teach the principles of Wudang art. The focus of this seminar is on the general understanding of the Wudang system and how it integrates Taiji into our daily and practical life. Program on 26th & 27th October The Wudang Taiji Seminar will be 10h. Divided into two days, the basic principles of Wudang Taiji are taught. The inner and outer forms are explained, practiced and improved…. Read More

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