Who is who in Chinese Your direct master or the direct teacher of the school is addressed 師父 (Shī Fù). The grandmaster, the teacher of your teacher, is addressed 師爺 (Shī Yé ) The more senior (not by actual age, but by the time of the study) students of the school, the males are addressed 師兄 (Shī Xiōng), the females are addressed 師姐 (Shī Jiě). The master is one generation above the… Read More

Exercise Taijiquan (Tai Chi), and horseback riding lessons in the mountain environment of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Our Gong Fu brother Otakar is holding a wonderful international Tai Chi event in the Carpathian Mountains – the European Version of the Wudang Mountains. The Carpathians are very similar looking with its round hills and tranquil scenery. Wonderful place – wilderness, mountains, horses, exercise, meditation. We will use the practice of perceiving movement and center… Read More

In the Daoist traditions once every 5 or 12 years a Shifu chooses disciples who will lead the next generation of the lineage. My name is Michael Weichhardt also known as Master Ziji and as I have heard my Gong Fu brother Otakar decided to hold his first disciple ceremony in the Czech Republic. I hurried over. It is the first disciple ceremony in the Czech Republic ever held. I came from… Read More

Our academy celebrated an open house for all, our refurbishment work is still ongoing, but we can clearly see how our efforts towards this beautiful project are evolving. On this day we promoted the Chinese culture with exercises, information, and food. As an official branch of the Sanfengpai many people showed interest in Daoist philosophy and tradition. Daoist Tradition Self-improvement and self-cultivation are the most important aspects of our philosophy. It is… Read More

We had a great experience at Shaolin Wahnam Frankfurt. The first day consisted of the basics of understanding the internal arts principles as well as learning the complete Xuan Gong Quan Yi Lu form. During the second day, we did Wu Xing Qi Gong and Tai Ji Cloud Hands.

Master Ziji visits Shaolin Wahnam to teach the principles of Wudang art. The focus of this seminar is on the general understanding of the Wudang system and how it integrates Taiji into our daily and practical life. Program on 26th & 27th October The Wudang Taiji Seminar will be 10h. Divided into two days, the basic principles of Wudang Taiji are taught. The inner and outer forms are explained, practiced and improved…. Read More

Our seminar with master Yuan Xiu Gang finished with great success and deeper understanding of the Wudang doctrines. The tradition is important for achieving success and improvement in life.

In Wudang, Tai Chi is a very structured practice which is lead step by step to achieve accomplishments, yet when you ask the student why do you practice Tai Chi? What do you think is the reason? The reason why we practice Tai Chi Tai Chi was meant to learn about oneself, to learn self-cultivation. People believe Tai Chi should be relaxing – which is not entirely true because one needs to… Read More

The deputy director of the Chinese People’s Congress, Liu Xueqin, today visited our Wudang Academy. In addition, Deputy Director Li Huiping for Culture and Tourism from Shiyan also came.

There are three main doctrines that help progress in the internal arts. We reach mastery when we train all three categories. The doctrines are structured and should prevent confusion in the Wudang martial arts or esoteric approaches which lead away from the main path.

Hello everybody! Our seminar we had this weekend on 24-25th August is over and we did a lot of amazing things for you to share. Starting with Qi Gong Our seminar started on a beautiful Sunday with our usual Qi Gong routine! It was the five animals Qi Gong and Master Ziji took his time and explained the reason why we do Qi Gong and what Qi Gong changes within our bodies…. Read More

These two chapters are important for understanding the master’s ambition. It is a common mistake to question what is not understood under the rule of heaven. The experience or so the Jade that is described in chapter 70 is why and how the master chose this path for his students to follow.

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