Welcome to the Wudang Academy!

Who are we?

The Wudang Academy is a local school in Vienna led by our family with an extensive international online program.

The International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts is the international association of the San Feng lineage from Wudang. Here the entire authentic San Feng style is taught following the traditional teachings. To maintain the tradition and the quality of the Wudang schools, the training opportunities of the Wudang Academy are essential to convey the basic knowledge and up to advanced thematics in a practical and comprehensible manner.

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Watch our Introduction to Wudang Training and its benefits:

All Chinese sentences from our Grandmaster’s video are translated in the later parts of the video.

We have the largest database of online training courses and are still growing. Currently, over a thousand training videos are listed, and some are also free to watch on our Youtube channel. Become a member of our online academy and fully access all videos!

The traditional rules of conduct in our Wudang Academy:

Please take this video to heart before joining our school. Thank you!