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The Wudang Academy blossoms with inspiration from everyone together; we live Wudang and always carry it in our hearts. We understand that not everyone can dedicate themselves at the current time to travel to the Wudang Mountains and leave everything behind. Our online training program gives everyone an excellent opportunity to learn authentic Wudang arts.

Please read more information by selecting the Support-Plan to understand further what we are doing and how we support the Wudang economy. (The Support-Plan does not provide access to our video library!)

Select the Student-Plan to unlock our tutorials; for more information, select the plan. We recommend the yearly option for the best cost saving!

  • No hidden fees
  • No contract binding
  • Support Wudang culture

Benefits: Student monthly and yearly plans have a 20% discount in our store.

Loyalty pays off as the price will drastically decrease with the next billing cycle. $89.99 per Year is about $7 per month.

Level Price  
Wudang Supporter $1.89 per Month. Select
Wudang Student (Monthly) $18.99 now and then $14.99 per Month. Select
Wudang Student (Yearly) $149.99 now and then $89.99 per Year. Select

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Embarking on a journey with Wudang Academy is about more than just mastering techniques; it’s about cultivation, self-improvement, and embracing the martial arts way of life. These transformative processes require time and dedication. While short-term payment plans might seem tempting, they can limit the depth of your exploration and the reach of your growth.

Martial arts is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, a continuous journey of self-discovery and evolution. Opting for a long-term commitment supports this journey and allows you to truly immerse yourself in the teachings and practices without feeling rushed or constrained by time. Remember, the deepest wisdom and the most profound change often come from patience, commitment, and steady progress. Choose a plan that reflects and supports this journey.