Michael Weichhardt – Daoist name: 魏懋资济 (Wei Mao Zi Ji)

Chief Coach of the Wudang Academy of Internal Arts and 16th generation San Feng Inheritor

stammbaum-ziji-2-compressorMichael Weichhardt has been practicing martial arts since 1999, and later learned the internal arts of the San Feng Line in Wudangshan, under the precise training of Master Yuan Xiu Gang and Master Xiangwen Chen. Ascending under the care and direct line of Grandmaster Zhong Yun Long, Michael was the only foreigner (over the past 12 years) to study at the traditional class and graduate with exceptional results. He soon developed extraordinary abilities in internal martial arts as the master student of Xiangwen Chen.

With discipline and vigilance, Michael lives the San Feng arts for himself and follows the teachings of his masters. The tradition and the preservation of the authentic San Feng content are the most important to him. Today he sees the securing of the old San Feng line as an important life task and to pass down the San Feng cultural heritage to the West.

The handed over traditions from Michael Weichhardt have been recognized worldwide by physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, and many other academic, professional groups. The primary focus is on self-discovery, development, life/personality training, concentration training through mental and physical self-study under Daoist life philosophy.

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