Our Family

The international Wudang Academy is led by the König-Weichhardt family. Centina Alexa and Michael (Daoist name: 魏懋资济 -Wei Mao Zi Ji) are building today’s foundation of conveying authentic internal Daoist martial arts and the traditions of Chinese medicine (TCM) to the west. The Wudang Academy shoulders this responsibility as an approved educational institution of the Sanfeng family.

Michael König-Weichhardt – 魏懋资济 (Wei Mao Zi Ji)


Michael König-Weichhardt has been practicing martial arts since 1999 when he was 13 years old. He frequently practiced Hap Ki Do and visited Grandmaster Lee Chang Soo in South Korea in Ansan (Hangyang University). Instead of learning for school, Michael König-Weichhardt was mainly concerned about learning more about martial arts, so he studied at many martial arts schools.

The week has seven days, so he learned Hap Ki Do, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Kyokushinkai Karate, and Payaksiam Muay Thai. In addition, Michael König-Weichhardt studied weapon training in the sword, fan, and staff for three years during his free time. From 15 years onward, Michael König-Weichhardt always trained for more than 4-6 hours every day.  A few years later, after he visited South Korea, he traveled to Vietnam, Hanoi, to further improve his skills in the art of combat. In Hanoi, he was trained by an ex-military Vietcong Hero called Thang Phong in the art of Pencak Silat. Simultaneously, when Thang Phong had no time to train him, he went to a Vovinam Vietvodao school – the national Vietnam martial arts school. When Michael König-Weichhardt reached his 17th Birthday, he understood that fighting against someone would only improve you as much as you need against your opponent. So he was sure to save money for his path of self-cultivation in the Wudang Mountains and later learned the internal arts of the San Feng Line in Wudangshan under the precise training of Master Yuan Xiu Gang and Master Xiangwen Chen. Ascending under the care and direct line of Grandmaster Zhong Yun Long, Michael was the only foreigner (over the past 12 years) to study in the traditional class and graduate with exceptional results. He soon developed extraordinary abilities in internal martial arts as a master student of Xiangwen Chen. With discipline and vigilance, Michael lives the San Feng arts for himself and follows the teachings of his masters. The tradition and the preservation of the authentic San Feng content are the most important to him. Today, he sees securing the old San Feng line as an important life task and passing down the San Feng cultural heritage to the west. The handed-over traditions from Michael König-Weichhardt have been recognized worldwide by physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, and many other academic, professional groups. The primary focus is on self-discovery, development, life/personality training, and concentration training through mental and physical self-study under Daoist life philosophy.

Centina Alexa König-Weichhardt

Growing up on a farm in Styria, the roots of nature always lay deep within her heart, and although nature has a clear way of showing itself, the nature of people does not. She found that most of today’s human existence is experienced through many layers of distraction. From this point onwards, Centina Alexa experimented with exercises of self-control. She often went silent for weeks in her day-to-day life – only communicating with her eyes; she went into isolation for two weeks without food in a pitch-black room, went on a pilgrimage (Way of St. James to Santiago), and took on several months-long journeys through Asia, and lived in India for one year (2012-2013) in the attempt to search for a more profound and universal understanding of nature. After this intense time of contemplation, she concluded that most teachings are taught by interpretation and not by understanding and that the realm of spirituality is seldom compatible with the world of hard-fact-based science. This experience was a rather disappointing insight for Centina because she is convinced that the mystic of spirituality lies within the laws of nature, and these laws can be represented in logical and mathematical terms.
This is the story of how she made it her mission to find a way of making all this profundity visible through science. Centina lived in Vienna for nine years since 2013 and studied medical IT at the University of Technology, and now attempts to finish a Master’s degree in Neuroscience. Recently, she is also currently inscribed at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou, China.

Destined by heaven

Like the Daoist term “Yuanfen,” the destined coincidence, Centina met Michael, the lineage holder of the Sanfeng family in Vienna. Together they found that they were very compatible and made it their mission to complete a lifetime’s work to study the internal arts and teachings. In coexistence, they learn from each other together; Centina is an exceptional student in Wudang martial arts and is devoted to daily practice. Centina and Michael married in the year of the tiger and have been living together happily since then.

Future goals

The roots of the demystification of spirituality and self-control exist in the authentic Daoist roots of the Sanfeng family. Centina and Michael are today working on scientific research of Daoist internal martial arts on a neurological and physical level.

Certifications and practical experiences:

  • International Korean Hap Ki Do championship
  • Working three years as a Muay Thai coach
  • Jiu-Jitsu championship Europe
  • Trainer degree in Vovinam Vietvodao
  • Master degree in Pencak Silat
  • Austrian military training as a mountaineer
  • Leading martial arts boot camps for six years
  • Worked as an instructor in Chen Shiyu’s Wudang school
  • Lineage holder degree of Wudang San Feng Pai
  • Opened the first authentic Wudang school in Austria (Vienna)
  • Created the largest international Wudang Youtube channel