• The Complete Guide to Wudang Taiji Cloud Hands

    Yin and Yang stand for strength and relaxation. It is always the opposite that makes our movements in Taiji. We have two hands and two feet, but none of these two will ever be in the same state. We speak of transitions in Taiji; These transitions involve strength and relaxation and always need direction and energy.

  • Mutual Respect in School

    Daoism teaches us that we should focus on ourselves. Yet ignoring others is just as much an external influence that changes our nature. How do we make our place in a Wudang school?

  • If you want to be Wudang student …

    Looking at the elegance and grace of Wudang masters may be a great inspiration to us, but it is a great step to truly learn from this inspiration for our life.

  • Requirements for students and coaches in a Sanfengpai Academy

    The policies of the Sanfengpai Schools are based on the preservation of the Taoist tradition and include the appreciation of training, respect for the older Kung Fu brothers, and the promotion of each individual’s self-discipline as a life philosophy and personality education.

  • What is the nature of immortality in Taoism?

    The exercises of the Daoists promote longer life and also support physical health. In silence and in meditation, calmness is practiced, with the qigong and tai chi exercises, all necessary channels are opened and released, so that the energy can flow and the body remains vital. If the shell of our mind – the body – is strong and healthy, the mind can spread more easily. Then the body can better tolerate the silence.

  • Taoism and Zhan Zhuang

    Zhan Zhuang is only half as exhausting when the body has many blockages that cushion the very core of inner conflicts because these blockages primarily serve that purpose. The nesting of the self, like a snail, leads to many problems at all levels and is often supported as a protective function of one’s own imagination. Zhan Zhuang is the straightening of our frame of reference and shows us the straight path to the Self, a path of rest.

  • Caught in Your Own Self

    There is only one Dao, images are empty shells that deviate from the origin. Every drop of the great whole ocean contains a reflection of our self. So we find ourselves in other people and recognize in them our own conflicts. If we then try to “help” these people by trying to solve our inner conflicts in others, that just can not be good. This will be a serious problem if we have never realized who we are.

  • Why the West does not understand the Tao!

    This beautiful short film gives us a preview of what awaits us in wudang training, and it can quickly happen that you skip some of the lines when it comes to the mental training of the Taoists. How do we understand something we have not understood yet?

  • The Correct Method of the Wudang School

    The theory consists of the building blocks of yin and yang. We need both to take our self into our own hands. Those who have never been busy realizing their dreams can hardly remain calm. Taiji is a practice-oriented exercise to clarify the natural process. We are no exception here – none of us.

  • Happy New Year and Workshops

    We, the Wudang Academy, welcome everyone in the New Year 2019 and would like to share some of the things that are happening here this year.

Xuan Gong should not focus on beautiful movements but on the power transitions, it will determine the level of one’s Tai Chi and gives the Shifu a good idea of how good ones understanding of Wuji may be. Xuan Gong should look like it is always continuing, not finding a start and an end because the power smoothly crosses from one move through the other giving each individual movement meaning and importance.

People are okay in general by judging themselves and others and putting them and themselves in a place which they perceive as right. Because this worldview stagnates the growth, problems may occur once physical or mental conditions change. Welcome to the path of Taoist practice! We breathe and live but most of the essential things we do subconsciously without realizing its importance. The key of these important things is the natural order in which… Read More

First, let me tell you that you are a creator. Your thoughts are the laws of your Dao, your inner cosmos or whatever you want to call it. Negative and Positive thoughts are equally important as they reflect on your situation. It is the purpose of your thoughts that may bring you further in life or not. Before things get too complicated, let us focus on your reality. You usually have all… Read More

500 million viewers will watch this trailer in China! Our Wudang Academy was chosen to participate in the trailer. This season will be happening in Austria!

The Monk Fruit is a well-known ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. The fruit itself is 300 times sweeter than sugar and is a healthier alternative to Stevia. Benefits The Monk Fruit or also Luo Han Guo (Longevity Fruit) is especially useful in reducing heat in the body. Not only does it balance out all sicknesses related to heat, but it also reduces inflammation and fever. Safe There are no reports of the Monk… Read More

In the traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the storage of our energy. The reason when waking up and we feel vitalized is because of the kidney circulation and its connecting energy meridians. Sometimes due to stress, we may sleep and still feel sleepy when waking up, this indicates a weak kidney or weak circulation. To be active during the day and have a proper circulation, we need yang energy. This is why… Read More

What really is a problem to us are our boundaries, the chains we set ourselves. Believing in one thing is not enough we must explore to know. When the strength is leaving our body, we get out of our comfort zone, and our concentration drops. Battling with ourselves to the limits will give rise to an internal conflict. Letting go of our ego and accept failure will resolve all problems we have… Read More

Hello Everyone! I am leading my Wudang school in Vienna since 2015 now. What drives me the most is the will of Wudang which resides in my heart. Now you may ask what that is, today; I want to share with you information that took me years to achieve during the time of my study in the Wudang Mountains. When people come looking for something there is always a hidden agenda. The feeling of… Read More

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Sleeping is not the same as sleeping, it depends on how you sleep, where and when. In Daoist doctrines, it also matters in what mental and physical condition you sleep. While you can sleep at the same place and time; under different physical and mental conditions, the effect of sleeping varies. What is Sleep? Sleep for Daoists is a moment of regeneration, a time to let go, not thinking anything and go… Read More

In our country we see many different kinds of tea, also from China but how come they can be so cheap when proper Chinese tea is often higher priced in China? Once you have been in China, you taste the difference in tea and wonder why you cannot get this in your country. The answer is quite simple: If companies would import proper Chinese tea the prices would dramatically skyrocket, you can expect… Read More

Thomas Morillon came from France and opened his very own green tea farm directly in the ancient Wudang Mountains. His farm is very small compared to the big commercial ones and most of the work he does by himself. He has a passion for producing organic green tea. His small farm can produce up to 100kg every year, and after November he is always sold out. The harvest is in April, and… Read More