Wudang Academy


There are three main doctrines that help progress in the internal arts. We reach mastery when we train all three categories. The doctrines are structured and should prevent confusion in the Wudang martial arts or esoteric approaches which lead away from the main path.

Xuan Gong should not focus on beautiful movements but on the power transitions, it will determine the level of one’s Tai Chi and gives the Shifu a good idea of how good ones understanding of Wuji may be. Xuan Gong should look like it is always continuing, not finding a start and an end because the power smoothly crosses from one move through the other giving each individual movement meaning and importance.

Traditional Gong Fu Dao

Traditional Gong Fu Dao design with nailed fitting for durability. This Dao has long-lasting quality for heavy Gongfu practice. Rosewood Stainless steel Flexible blade Nailed fittings You may also like Premium Wushu Dao Golden Spiritual Harmony Pattern Steel Han Dynasty Jian Flower Harmony Modern Taiji Jian (Sword) Mysterious Xuan Wu Taiji Jian (Sword) Gold & Silver Traditional Stainless Steel Qin Jian Traditional Pattern Steel Qin Jian

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