Visit Master Chen Shiyu in China – individual training program

Visit Master Chen Shiyu in China – individual training program

Master Chen Shiyu resides deep in the Wudang Mountains with his humble establishment. Home-made food and the Daoist philosophy of life, as well as the Wudang arts, are the main themes here. Back to the origin and back to nature.

Wudang Mountains Scenery

Tai Chi teaches us the harmony between man, heaven and earth.

Master Chen Shiyu lives in a secluded village at the Returning Dragon Temple. There he founded the Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy. As the Headmaster and chief instructor of this academy, Chen Shiyu strives to spread the Internal Wudang Arts.

The Returning Dragon Village is right in the heart of the Wudang mountains, because of this the place is tranquil and isolated from the rest of the civilization. People who prefer internal studies and the quietness to focus, you may look no further and visit Master Chen Shiyu!

The Wudang academy of Master Chen Shiyu includes all Gong Fu and Tai Chi styles in the San Feng Pai lineage and is highly regarded as a traditional Wudang school in China! The location of the school itself makes it easy to go sightseeing in the Wudang mountain region; you may visit many temples and shrines nearby. There is no need to supply yourself with provisions; Master Chen Shiyu can provide you necessities you would normally only find in the supermarket at the Wudang entry gate, which is forty-five minutes mountain hiking away. At the Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy you can focus on your study without interference. Another unique feature of this school is that Master Chen Shiyu is highly proficient in Daoist music (Xiao and Guqin) and calligraphy.

Living in the Wudang Mountains

The location of the Returning Dragon Village is right near the temple, the picture on the left provides you with a view from the temple top. The local farmers plant vegetables which are later used for the school kitchen. The farming process is entirely organic and is all you need for healthy nutrition. There is also livestock with ducks, chickens, sheep, and pigs nearby. The kitchen can include meat, but only in specific dishes, vegetarians have enough variety.

On the opposite side of the school, the other side of the farming fields, there is a path along the farming fields soon leading up to a mountain path (opposite direction of the temple), follow this path and you will find a secluded spot with an almost 360° panorama of the Wudang mountain range. It is a remarkable spot only accessible through the Returning Dragon Village.

The school itself is at the end of the farming valley and directly behind the Returning Dragon Temple. The school only uses traditional training equipment and Daoist training methods. In the mornings there is often a Daoist ritual or ceremony to honor the immortals. Master Chen Shiyu owns a little truck that he uses to transport supplies from the town to his school. During the night the gates are closed and leaving or entering the school grounds or your room is only possible by contacting the Keymaster beforehand.

Details about our trip

Our Wudang Academy (Vienna) is taking a trip lead by Master Ziji. It is a unique experience under the guidance of Master Ziji to get to know the Wudang mountains and to visit his kungfu uncle Master Chen Shiyu.

  • Departure from Vienna is on the 3rd of July evening.
  • And on July 31st we will be back home.

Everyone is welcome to join us on this trip

If you want to come from the USA, Canada, Australia or Asia – please coordinate with us by mail (the form below). We will provide direct flight details and we can meet at the airport.

Flight Route: Vienna – Beijing – Wudangshan

From the airport, in Wudangshan it is another short trip to Master Chen Shiyu and after an hour we are at the gates of Wudangshan. From there, master Ziji will go up the mountain with us and show us the hidden village of the returning dragon.


What do you need on this trip?

  1. Compact travel gear! Due to the steep rise, we recommend a backpack.
  2. Mosquito net – one that can be mounted on the ceiling from above.
  3. Summer rain jacket with hood – because it can rain frequently.

What do we learn?

The training program is taught individually – so everyone can choose what they want to learn. Chen Shiyu also teaches personally and monitors training progress. We are happy to advise you if you are unsure about what you should learn or what would be best for you.

Please mail us:

Please register fast -we only can allow 15 people for this travel group! And the rooms in the small village are limited!

Send us an introduction about yourself, ask us what you want and coordinate with us.

How much is the price?

The price includes eating, sleeping, accommodation, and training. You have to bear the travel expenses yourself.

Total cost: 950 Euros

Send the Payment

Master Chen Shiyu – Individual Training Program

This amount must be transferred to us in advance – as soon as the amount has been credited to our account, your space is reserved for the trip.