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Master Chen Shiyu resides deep in the Wudang Mountains with his humble establishment. Home-made food and the Daoist philosophy of life, as well as the Wudang arts, are the main themes here. Back to the origin and back to nature. Tai Chi teaches us the harmony between man, heaven and earth. Master Chen Shiyu lives in a secluded village at the Returning Dragon Temple. There he founded the Wudang Daoist Martial Arts… Read More

Tai He Quan Part 4

We continue with our Tai He Quan practice, Master Chen Shiyu is showing us step by step.

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Master Chen Shiyu is Answering Questions

We had the opportunity to ask all kinds of wild questions regarding internal arts at the end of our seminar. This interview is an entirely unbiased video, and the students threw many questions at Master Chen Shiyu. This video is brought to you by our Wudang Academy!

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