Learning Tai Chi Right From the Beginning

Learning Tai Chi Right From the Beginning

Tai Ji, often falsely written “Tai Chi,” is a practice of self-awareness in the physical and emotional realms. The applied techniques and methods go back to the archaic movements of combat. To work on ourselves, we go into our own fight.

We want

to be free from the anchor of expectations in order to develop ourselves. Learning to understand ourselves and our experiences mean breaking away from the things that happen to us every day. We follow a path of personal self-exploration to get to know our pillars of the mind. What is too much? What is too little? How much do we understand?

Apply Taiji

Our patterns of behavior are signs of our imprint because we expect what we find right. To be spontaneous means to be unbiased. Everyone has to start their journey to themselves someday. This journey leads everyone to a lonely island where basic things must be established to re-understand what the true values of choice are. The body follows our spontaneity when the essence of Yin and Yang is felt. To be able to create everything requires the right individual variable, so this method can only be passed on through personal instruction from the Master.

The way of the Dao

The farmer wants to explain to the fisherman how to catch the biggest carp. The astonished fisherman then hands the farmer his fishing rod so that he can show it to him. Who gives the Dao a chance, gives everyone the opportunity to learn the truth. Every piece of truth brings us to our destination. This is the reason why one visits a master to learn Tai Ji.

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Buy the master a cup of tea!

With gratitude as deep as the calmness of the lake, we extend our sincerest appreciation for your support. As you journey with us on this path of wisdom and serenity, we wish for you to absorb the essence of our teachings, and let it invigorate your spirit, just as the morning sun brings life to the waking world. Let’s continue our practice with joy in our hearts and calmness in our minds.