The Wudang Sword Art

The Wudang Sword Art

Wudang is world famous for his masterly sword art. The calm and serenity needed to control energy and power is an important hallmark of Wudang Sword Art and a result of years of intense training.

Authentic Wudang Sword

From each original, there are a variety of offshoots that would also like to. These are unfortunately in the majority, as the traditional and intensive way of Wudang sword art is denied most, for time and often financial reasons.

How do I recognize the authentic art?

That is relatively easy; If you look at the shape above in the video, you can see that the movements return to calm again and again and the static positions empower the movements. The control of yin and yang and rest are important techniques to guide energy through the sword. By comparison, in other Wudang lines or in many schools in the West, swordsmanship tends to seem more like a dance, uninterrupted fluidity, and a high attitude. These “dancers” stress themselves unnecessarily and have no real control over the sword. So take the video above as a reference for Wudang swordsmanship and compare it with others. Try to focus on the practitioner’s focus and notice if he is really calm or struggling from one position to the other.

Master the Sword

In order to learn the Wudang sword art traditionally and correctly, it first requires a detailed basic training. This is the main reason why Chinese are often better than western students. It’s a long and hard road that can not be done by anyone but yourself. The result is the true identification with the Wudang art and the advanced training with the sword.

Clear execution is the mastery, additional and unnecessary movements have no deeper reason and no place in the inner martial arts. It only confuses most and conceals one’s own mistakes.

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