Why the West does not understand the Tao!

Why the West does not understand the Tao!

This beautiful short film gives us a preview of what awaits us in Wudang training, and it can quickly happen that you skip some of the lines when it comes to the mental training of the Taoists. How do we understand something we have not understood yet?

Wudang discipline and tradition

We can eternally philosophize about Tao and how to do things right; those who have not been properly grounded cannot understand the origins of the Tao, as they lack the necessary calmness. There is no one in the world who is not taught by the Tao, to know where to stay near the Tao, this is something everyone finds out for himself in the exercises. From practice, new impressions and corrections are finally possible.

Who can absorb everything like a sponge differentiates everything according to the truth. Who condemns and ignores things, refuses many things. The few masters in the world who follow in the footsteps of the Tao tell of a common truth, one that can be accepted or ignored by someone who has not yet experienced it.

The teachings of the Master are not for everyone, because not everyone can accept them. Just as many people are not destined to become disciples of a master. To become a disciple means to become a master yourself someday, as a master one is always a disciple of his old master. Because everyone climbs the train at an earlier or later date and explores the components of the teaching in his own way. For the master every student is interesting to learn new things, for the student the master is interesting to understand old ones.

The views of the Master are oriented on the students’ instructions because this led the Master to success. While Master’s methods are highly flexible, the students’ views must be linearized, so that the method is self-understood. The chaos and the confusion are dissolved and the way of life runs through a free naturalness. The Master has unlimited confidence in his disciples, for every step, no matter how small, ultimately brings everyone to inner peace.

According to this principle, there are no exceptions on the part of the pupils and only the execution and the realization of the requirements to the pupils are essential. These requirements of the master are obligatory for every student.

Boycott the Taoist teachings

It is often the case in the West that people believe that they have to help others. However, this can create more problems and internal conflicts for oneself and for others. Any help or diminution of a personal burden creates dependency on both sides and increases internal conflicts with oneself.

In the West, it is often a pretext that people should be warm-hearted and should be there to help others. This is not a bad virtue, but most people do it to circumvent their own problems by giving others advice – this just reinforces their own problems and leads to emotional conflicts.

People with good intentions automatically have the wrong intent, because none of them will dissolve the origin of the problems in the other.

This is Taoism and everyone has the strength to learn for themselves; Who really wants to help must assume that the truth is often not so warm. How do I help others properly to dissolve the origins of inner problems in other people? Quite simply: Through inspiration, as a personal example, we deliberately do not use the word role model – because this can be filled with your own ego and thus cause the opposite. Those who go out with their own example without ego, get friends who share success together. Whoever goes with the ego as a role model, gets followers who want to share the success of their role model.

The desire to help others is therefore not relevant for students! If you want to help, you have to help yourself first.

The task of the student is learning to help others is one of the tasks of a master.

Personal conflicts arise only where there are listeners and spectators, in the presence of the master they are not accepted.

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